My unique perspective offers fresh insight & innovative solutions to business problems.

Sarah Vogler

Nice to meet you.

I'm Sarah, a West Coast designer/developer/business thinker transplant by way of America's heartland, the good ole Midwest.

My career has taken me from the built environment of architecture, to the virtual environment of the world wide web, to the ever evolving world of business. I have a bachelor's degree in Archictecure (and a minor in modern dance technique) from the University of California Berkeley and an MBA from California College of the Arts with a focus on business and innovstion strategy, design research and sustainability.

I'm a developer.

I think in pixels, functions and scripts.

Developers are charged with the task of bringing the project to life. Good work happens when a team shares a vision and works towards that goal together. I am a problem solver by nature. I love a challenge especially if it means learning something new in the process.

I'm a designer.

My design sensibilities are grounded by my technical acumen.

I love pretty things, but I love them even more when they work. I am fascinated by the intersection of form and function regardless of the medium. In the digital age, our attention spans are short and our patience is something to be desired. Good design is amplified when the user is at its center.

I'm a product manager.

My cross-disciplinary skill set gives me unique insight.

I speak developer, I speak designer and I speak business. My unique perspective enables me to foster collaboration across diverse teams. I am able to understand each aspect of a project at a high level which allows me to maintain a strong product vision and ultimately execute business goals.

Some of my Work

[ MBA Coursework ] Venture Studio Semester Team Project

Design research / business model canvas / customer development / brand strategy / marketing

[ MBA Coursework ] Sustainability Studio Semester Team Project

Design research / business model canvas / sustainability frameworks / customer development

[ MBA Coursework ] Market insight studio semester team project

Customer development / journey mapping / customer Personas / design research

[ MBA Coursework ] Brand strategy semester independent project

Brand Strategy / Marketing

[ MBA Coursework ] Innovation studio semester team project

Business model canvas, customer development, Personas / archetypes, journey mapping, design research

[ Client Work ]


[ Client Work ] in Collaboration with Angelsmith, inc.

Design and build an ecommerce experience that is intuitive for users while successfully integrating with client's CRM and fulfillment systems.

[ Client Work ] in Collaboration with Angelsmith, inc.

Design and develop an online store that is easy to navigate for wine aficionados and casual drinkers alike.

[ Client Work ]


Developer + Designer + MBA = A Great Product Manager

How I Get Things Done

I believe in agile. Start small, learn quickly and pivot when necessary. It is a collaborative process and takes design/development out of the vaccuum which in turn creates an environment for a more effective team and a better crafted final product.



  • Project Management
  • Design Thinking
  • Graphic Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development

[Lay the Foundation]

[Make a Blueprint]
(in pencil)

[Start Building]


  • Business Model Canvas
  • Value Proposition Canvas
  • Brand Strategy
  • Blue Ocean Strategy
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Wireframing
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • eCommerce
  • CMS Integration
  • API Integration
  • SEO
  • CRM
  • Analytics
  • Social Media

A little bit about me

I balance the time I spend at my computer with crafting, cooking and making.